Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penn State goes loopy

This runs counter to every mental image of veterans that I have ever had, save Timothy McVeigh (one freak-crazy bastard out of an entire army). Every other military guy was and is up-front, down-to-earth, hard-working, opinionated as hell (and not always in agreement with me), and basically all-around good guy. This used to be a virtue.

Every one of them was a better student after basic training than before. Every one of them came home with a renewed sense of purpose - exactly the type of person any sane college professor should want.
"Veers off subject ... doesn't seem to understand the assignments ... talk with him every week .. usually ends up arguing with me."
Wow. A person with an opinion. No wonder this twit doesn't feel good about him. This Armchair Psychiatrist smells inferiority complex.
"I've tried to explain my grading. He just won't listen. I feel nervous talking to him. His tone is very confrontational. I'm afraid he might lose his temper."
Has he lost his temper or are we projecting, dearie? "No"

It goes on. The scenario plays out with the veteran himself and it really seems to me that the "professor" has no business being in academia. I must just be out of college for too long.

Maybe I'm reacting poorly to the situation because it all rings so false. The GI Bill was an incredible idea last century and it seems that this is the beginning of its destruction. After all, if all those vets are psychos then we certainly don't want them in our colleges, do we?

It reminds me of the beginnings of that silly Rambo movie in which every simple act is interpreted as threatening and every denial is an escalating threat instead of a denial. This actress is playing her role well - I know many like her who misinterpret everything and cannot shift their frame of reference to include someone with whom they fundamentally don't agree. The caricature is spot on.

Kind of unfortunate, really.


  1. What is this clip from?

    I've seen adult students come close to this (though not veterans per se)

    It's easier to point out the mistakes in math, but hard to deal with "but this is what you told me to do" - once it becomes that sort of discussion - pretty ugly.

  2. Penn State University's "Department of Counseling and Psychological Services"

  3. Could happen with any student. Not right to lay this on vets.