Sunday, April 19, 2009

More on Vets and that Penn State Video

One of the commenters tried to make a point:
Posted by: Bornhillbilly
This colleague was doing well in his class when the professor decided to change his grading method in the middle of the term. Since this student needed this class and was concerned about the change, he went to talk to the professor. He told the professor he wasn't happy about a change in the middle of the term. He told the professor he needed to pass the class and that he was just back from Vietnam where he killed over a hundred people. He said one more wouldn't make any difference to him. Somehow he passed that class.
I would have instantly thrown this man out of my class. Blatant threats have no place in college. The professor changes his grading policy mid-course and that's wrong; threatening to kill him over it shows a seriously disturbed mind with no sense of proportion and a total lack of respect for the military services. It's morons like this who make all vets look bad.

I mean, really, how disturbed is this guy? "You put a D instead of a B and I'll kill you over it?" Not only that, how stupid do you have to be to use this anecdote when arguing that vets are treated like grenades without pins?

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