Monday, April 27, 2009

Too silly. The recruiter can't even make a pitch.

From SFGate:
Now Arcata is at it again, with a law blocking the military from recruiting anybody in town under the age of 18. And this time, the law has the backing not of a few City Council activists, but of thousands of voters who went to the polls in November.
These kids wouldn't make very good soldiers anyway. This is actually a blessing in disguise - now the recruiter doesn't have to waste his time offering good opportunities to the children of fools. The military is not for everyone and as soon as the armed forces figure that out, they'll have an easier time filling the ranks. Why? Because the ones who go in will be more serious about it and won't drop out the first time the drill sergeant wakes up the precious little snowflakes at 0430 by banging a trash can. (That sound still gets my heart racing after how many years?)

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