Saturday, July 18, 2009

State of Education

Mamacita speaks her mind before posting 50 education Quotes on Quotation Saturday:
"The state of education in America fills me with shame, and yet I know that we have always had and WILL always have a population of students desperate to learn, thirsty for knowledge, hungry for opportunities to try their intellectual wings. . . . Why do our schools do nothing for these students any more? Why do we cater to the lowest possible common denominator and pretty much ignore the cream?"
Because we are not forced to. Because we are focused on bringing up the level 2's to Level 3-passing. Because every time you set up an honors class, the helicopter parents get their dunderheads transferred into it. Because "track" is a dirty word and "drill" and "practice" are no longer "best practice." Because mainstreaming is done improperly.
"Why have we allowed petty politics to rule our school systems? Why do we put up with secretaries who don’t do computers, janitors who don’t do vomit; counselors who don’t do controversy, principals who don’t do discipline, superintendents who don’t do ethics, coaches who don’t do grade checks, parents who don’t discipline, and school boards who don’t even know what’s going on?"
Lawsuits, unions, OSHA, "feelings", job market, New Age - PETA thinking, it's a PITA, and for the School Boards at least, an over-reaction to the fear of micro-managing. The reasons are many.

It's simple, really. The reason that many charter school succeed is because they do not have the restrictions that the public schools do.

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