Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trivia for Saturday the 18th - Lightning Round

Lightning Round - 1 minute!

I give you the nickname, you give me the State.

1. The "Heart of Dixie," "Yellowhammer State"
2. The "Garden State"?
3. The "Battle Born State," "Sagebrush State" or "Silver State.".
4. The "Green Mountain State"?
5. The "Lone Star State"?
6. The "Beehive State."
7. The "Old Dominion"?
8. The "Volunteer State"?
9. The "Hawkeye State"?
10. The "Grand Canyon State"?
11. The "Badger State."
12. The "Last Frontier" or "Land of The Midnight Sun."
13. The "Free State" or "Old Line State?"

Answer from Friday:
Ginger Rogers

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  1. Answer from yesterday
    1. Alabama is The Heart of Dixie, or Yellowhammer State.
    2. New Jersey is The Garden State.
    3. Nevada is The Battle Born State, Sagebrush State or Silver State.
    4. Vermont is The Green Mountain State.
    5. Texas is The Lone Star State.
    6. Utah is The Beehive State.
    7. Virginia is The Old Dominion.
    8. Tennessee is The Volunteer State.
    9. Iowa is The Hawkeye State.
    10. Arizona is The Grand Canyon State.
    11. Wisconsin is The Badger State.
    12. Alaska is The Last Frontier or Land of The Midnight Sun.
    13. Maryland is The Free State or Old Line State.