Friday, July 24, 2009

Trivia - Flowers for Friday the 24th

These flowers bloom for a very short time, yet their petals are highly prized for making perfume. This flower grows from bulbs. Primarily associated with Holland, this flower has been the subject of price wars, economic crashes and the occasional time when one bulb could be purchased for the equivalent of $500 - $1000 apiece.

BONUS: The most expensive was Semper Augustus, extraordinarily beautiful with midnight-blue petals - that topped by a band of pure white, and accented with crimson flares. In 1624, a man owned the only 12 that existed. He was offered 3,000 ________ for one bulb, roughly equal to the annual income of a wealthy merchant. What Dutch monetary unit was this?


  1. Probably tulips ... though hyacinths also grow from bulbs, grow in Holland, and are much more fragrant.

    Not knowledgeable on currency ... a kruger? Is that what it's called?

  2. The were tulips and the man was offered 3000 guilders for a single bulb.

    Bulb Bubble, Baby!

  3. Did you know people in Holland ate them during World War II, when food was very scarce?