Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cats and Kittens Puzzle

Seeing that four cats and three kittens weigh thirty-seven pounds, while three cats and four kittens weigh but thirty three pounds, we are asked to tell the respective weights of cats and kittens.

- Sam Loyd, Cyclopedia of Puzzles, 1914


  1. 4(4c + 3k = 37)
    -3(3c + 4k = 33)

    7c = 49
    c = 7
    k = 3

    Sm*ll cats ... Our 18 lb. one is sitting on the keybo*rd *nd covering up some of the keys.

    Had to move his fat behind to type the verification word~

  2. Dare I ask the verification word? "Patootie"

  3. Should have been. This cat has taken to sitting on the printer as well. He doesn't even bother to move when it starts up. I should send you a photo. He is a big fat hairy deal, variously known as "catball", "Orca the cat", and a whole litany of other insults. T.S. Eliot would have been impressed with the list of monikers.