Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Negotiating, Union-style

No Choice
"Teachers initially requested a 6 percent increase on the base every year for three years, but have since requested a 4 percent increase on the base for one year, followed by a 0 percent increase on the base for one year as part of a multiyear contract. All the while the board has held their position to of freezing teachers' salaries for one year." -- Herald
How exactly does this constitute "negotiating" and what inescapable moron thought that this kind of demand was a good idea in the middle of this economy, for a group of teachers that has typically been well-compensated (compared to other similar schools within 25 miles)?  Asking for the moon is insulting; it is not a "tactic."
This left the teachers with no choice but "to strike in the fall." One teacher: "I understand that times are tough for some. But there are plenty of people getting raises."
Priceless. And the NEA wonders why people feel it to be out of touch.

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