Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clock Puzzle

The picture of a clock dial illustrated the important point of evidence in a detective story where a stray bullet from the assassin's pistol struck the face of the clock.

It struck the exact center, driving the post through the works and stopping the clock. The two hands became united, as it were, in one line, pointing in opposite directions, although not in the direction shown, for it is evident that the hands could not point at three and nine at the same time.

Can you tell what time of day it must have been, thereby proving an alibi for the hero who wishes to show he was eating a plate of pig's knuckles in Hoboken at the time the pistol was fired in Sir Reginald's flat in Harlem?

- Sam Loyd, Cyclopedia of Puzzles, 1914

answer in this backdated post.


  1. It must have been 6:00 ... but am or pm?

  2. Nope.

    The hour-minute hands are opposed at 12:32ish, 1:37ish, etc.

    Look at the Second hand. Which opposition happens at xx:xx:48?

  3. OH! I thought it was straight across :) .

    (I thought that was ridiculously easy ... obviously I was not attentive enough to the detail! :D )