Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Evil techologies and illicit items

I don't have an opinion about all of this, just putting out the list.  The following things are filtered or banned for the students.  Rules for faculty are different:
  • Cellphones, except in the hallways between classes and at lunch.
    • and iPods, music players- all gadgets, really.
    • except maybe a graphing calculator but I'm just being snarky.  What are we going to do when the only calculator is on an iPhone?  Insist that he spend another $120 for TI?
  • Bad sites
    • Youtube, etc.
    • Music site - Playlist but not Pandora.
    • Wordpress and all other blogs, forums, etc.
    • Google accounts - documents, calendar, Gmail, etc. Access to personal email accounts is blocked and the school doesn't provide one at the school domain.
    • sports of any kind.  Averages and percentages? I have to collect and save the info in a Word Document.
    • gambling (including the state lottery commission - have to find my probability info elsewhen)
    • Games, except those tech doesn't know about. is okay.  Why? Not sure.
  • Music sharing, torrent, limewire, napster, Rhapsody,
    • but not Apple iTunes or Pandora.
  • Hats, hoodies, even costume hats at Halloween.
  • Bare feet in the grass outside.
  • Backpacks (when the mood strikes -- currently, they're allowed)
  • Oh, and all the dress code violations.
Might be banned list
  • USB drives, especially .exe files on said drives.
What have I forgotten?  Plenty, I'm sure. Let me know how you feel - is there something that you think should be allowed but isn't or that your school allows but mine doesn't?


  1. While our school district "blocks" facebook, myspace, and other social networking sites (almost any kid can figure out a workaround), it doesn't block twitter.

    During class one day, I was admonishing a student for a) using twitter when he was supposed to be working on Geometry and b) using my name to write a tweet to the software manufacturer. When he found out I did not have a twitter account, he offered to "set me up" on twitter. I never really understood the phrase "cold chills down my back" until that moment.

  2. Gum. The janitors hate it.

    And running on the playground for some stupid reason. They also put giant landscape rocks around the front of the building and are always yelling at kids not to climb on them.